No Worries:

The After Sales Service Concept by EURABUS.

Together with local partners we build up a customised service structure and a spare parts warehous for you.

IP-based maintenance: the bus reports weak parts before they become relevant damage.

The response time of the EURABUS team is less than 24 hours.

Comprehensive service packages for repair and maintenance - including pick-up option from the bus depot.


An intelligent service network.

Once delivered, we offer customized full-service packages for maintenance and repair, such as our IP-based maintenance service. This predictive maintenance enables us to maximize the life of our buses.

  • Online monitoring system: real-time tracking and IP-CCTV system
  • Fleet learning with over-the-air updates
  • Data transmission / storage with strong encryption

The online monitoring system tracks the state of the bus (e.g. maintenance preparation, position), the high voltage drive train and all other electronic systems. 

An automatic reporting takes place in the bus depot which allows an integration to existing fleet management systems. Also, the destination screens (inside and outside: front, side, rear) can be controlled remotely.