About us

EURABUS is a brand of Euracom Group GmbH, an experienced, innovative and quality-oriented specialist vehicle builder and bus supplier. Supported by well-known European and international partners, we offer tailor-made solutions, fast response times and competent on-site service. An international network of partners offers reliable service worldwide!

Eurabus GmbH develops long-term partnerships with customers, technology suppliers and sales organizations and continuously optimizes their products. EURABUS attaches great importance to innovative solutions and a comprehensive service.




Start of the electric bus project Eurabus and cooperation with well-known suppliers






Rollout of Eurabus 1.0




Rollout of Eurabus 2.0




Ride of the Swedish royal family with the Eurabus 2.0





The Eurabus 2.0 on the Norwegian Geiranger Fjord




Foundation of Eurabus GmbH




Eurabus concludes supply contracts for over 1,400 electric buses