Major Constituents Eurabus 3.0

Battery System


The battery system of Eurabus 3.0 has a guaranteed lifetime of 10 years. There is no perceptible loss of capacity during this period: the capacity after 10 years is parallel to the capacity on the first day.

The batteries meet the latest safety requirements of the ECE R100 Rev.2 and the UN Transport Test 38.3.


Air Conditioning and Heater


The heat pump recommended by Eurabus (COP> 3) is ready for use at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius. At lower temperatures, an automatic application of a fuel-powered heater takes place. We offer a flexible adaptation of the bus components depending on climatic conditions.

We recommend a pre-air conditioning of the buses in the depot.




The bus body is completely made of aluminum. All components are consistently optimized for lightweight construction. This bus body stands the rollover test for buses (ECE R66).

The bus body has a 16-year warranty.