Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Eurabus concept?

With us you get all services from a single source: Eurabus concept.

Why is the battery management system (BMS) so important to Eurabus?

Battery management is the interface between battery and bus electronics. It monitors the battery capacity, its temperature, as well as the cell aging and controls the balancing of the battery cells. In addition, it can directly prevent over- and undervoltage.
Therefore a good battery management system is very important. It guarantees long-term safety of the battery cells and a long durability.

Are the battery cells used by Eurabus safe?
A networked battery management system monitors the safety and power values of the batteries at all times. Thus weak points can be detected before they can cause noticeable damage (predictive maintenance). 

The batteries also meet all European requirements:
Battery safety.

What is the range with Eurabus?


Eurabus 3.0: 400 kilometers (12 meters) / 650 kilometers (18 meters)


Eurabus 2.0: 250 kilometers (12 meters) / > 300 kilometers (18 meters)

Factsheet Eurabus 2.0: 12 meters / 18 meters

When is Eurabus 3.0 coming on the European market?

At the moment we are expecting the delivery of Eurabus 3.0 in 2018.


What does the Eurabus cost?

Total costs of ownership or Price calculation