Battery Safety

The Eurabus batteries are protected by a multi-stage safety concept.


On the one hand, the battery management system prevents over- or under-temperature, as well as over- or undervoltage already in the formation. As a result, no critical situations can emerge for the installed batteries.


On the other hand, the structure of the bus ensures battery safety. Even if critical situations arise (e.g. by external influences) these situations are locally confined and can not immediately interfere with other bus parts. Possible overpressure is safely carried out of the bus by special membranes and pressure valves in the battery cells.


The installed batteries also meet the UN Transport Test 38.3 and ECE R 100 Rev.2:

UN Transport Test 38.3

Altitude Simulation
Thermal Test

External Short Circuit
Impact/ Crush
Forced Discharge

ECE R100 Rev. 2

Fire Resistance
Mechanical Shock
Mechanical Integrity

External Short Circuit Protection
Over-Temperature Protection
Over-Discharge Protection
Overcharge Protection

Thermal Shock and Cycling

Source: TÜV Süd