With the lightweight aluminum construction, the Eurabus 3.0 weighs just 12 tonnes (empty weight) which corresponds to the empty weight of a comparable diesel bus.



All Eurabus models reach and reached a comparatively high range for their time as a battery bus (Eurabus 3.0, 18-meter version: 650 kilometers).


Eurabus focuses on the tailor-made production of buses. The components can be adapted and assembled according to your needs and requirements, similar to a modular construction system.


Durability concept: 10 years guarantee.


Thanks to a novel battery and charge management system and a consequent lightweight design, we are able to significantly increase the average lifetime of the installed batteries: the range is the same after 10 years as on the first day .

 Battery system: safety, performance, durability.

The batteries being used for the Eurabus 3.0 achieve outstanding results in terms of safety, performance (up to 679 kWh) and durability (10 years guarantee on the battery system).

Why our batteries are safe.

Predictive Maintenance


Through Internet-based (4G/ LTE) predictive maintenance (available from Eurabus 3.0) not only time but also costs for repairs can be saved. You also save a lot of time in the depot as routine checks can be dropped. Predictive Maintenance works by (flexible) determination and control of limit values and the online available evaluation of error reports and protocols.



Connected Driving


That means for Eurabus: online map of the bus fleet, direct control of the monitors in the bus room, ticket systems, dynamic control of fossil heating (optionally available) based on current weather data and encrypted communication paths.

Available from Eurabus 3.0.