First battery electric bus 1898 in Berlin
First battery electric bus 1898 in Berlin

Based in the Biesdorf-Nord district of Berlin, where Werner von Siemens once developed and tested the world's first electric streetcar, Eurabus GmbH is now working on innovative, battery-electric buses.


Eurabus is part oft he Euracom Group GmbH. Founded 20 years ago by Christian Seitz, the Euracom Group quickly built a reputation as a reliable and high quality constructor, manufacturer and supplier of special vehicles for both private customers and official institutions and persons.

Our many years of experience as a producer of special vehicles and tailor-made small series buses was extremely helpful in starting our new project “Electro-Bus” in 2009.


 Eurabus 1.0 in front of "Schloss Bellevue" in Berlin
Eurabus 1.0 in front of "Schloss Bellevue" in Berlin

Inspired by our positive experiences of seeing the first electro-busses in an urban transport environment in Asia, we were impressed enough to bring this technology to the streets of Europe. We then started our search for competent partners who could bring knowledge and experience in the fields of battery technology and management systems, drivetrains, energy regeneration and light weight construction to this project.


As part of this we teamed up with the well-known TEWOO-Group. Together with the combined competences of TEWOO’s different business areas (ranging from metals to automotive technology) and their proven track record in the field of battery-technology and electrically powered busses we are able to offer our customers a truly proven drivetrain.


Together with our partner TEWOO, and other well-known German and European sub-suppliers, the Euracom Group brought the first “EUARBUS” to Germany’s streets. Since the summer of 2012 this 100% battery-driven and fully functioning 12 metre E-Bus has been in service at KViP Kreisverkehrsgesellschaft in Pinneberg mbH, Uetersen, which is, part of the transport partner network of the Hamburg, Germany. During intensive field tests we have proven the “everyday practicality” of the EURABUS.


All the results of these tests and several other improvements have been incorporated into the current EURABUS-series. In September 2013 Eurabus started deliveries of the Eurabus 2.0. These come with improved technical parameters and a new design.


The know-how we have acquired over the last few years, together with our successful partnerships, has laid the ground stone for a modern and ecological electro-bus, which out shines all incumbent powertrain concepts such as diesel, hybrid, hydrogen/fuel cell. Additionally there are also major environmental and cost impacts. Our innovative and flexible company philosophy and approach allows us to spot new trends, respond to customer needs and transform them into actual, usable products.

In 2018 we expect the delivery of Eurabus 3.0. A bus that contains over eight years of practical experience with electric buses and is characterized by a very innovative battery management concept. This guarantees an extremely long durability of the installed batteries (guarantee 10 years).


At Eurabus 3.0, the Eurabus concept is again being used, in which you get all services from a single source. The Eurabus is not only tailor-made in close co-operation with the customer. We plan and fit the Eurabus 3.0 and the corresponding charging infrastructure to your needs and we provide training as well as full after-sale service for you.